Monday, September 12, 2011

MAKE IT Monday!

Here is today's MIM card.......but it's going to change soon(I have to fix it)!  
I am happy with the card overall, it just won't work for what it was intended.....needs an on!

INTENTION:  Our little 5 year old Granddaughter is coming over to Grandma's for a sleep over while her big sister has her Birthday party.  My plan is to send her an invite, making it a big deal so she won't feel she is missing out(while her sister has her friends over).  We will do a little crafting, have a special supper, maybe go to a movie, and of course when at Grandma's there will be ice cream!   Long story short......THIS card(above) is not RIGHT, needs some ZAP..........stay tuned!

That's better Grandma......more GIRLY!  (read on)
Make a card Monday for Sept. 12th

here we have THE NEW You're invited card from a Belated Birthday card!  (now I'm happy)
Make a card Monday for Sept. 5th (making/mailing 2 of these)

Hope your Monday is GREAT, and you MAKE IT + MAIL IT = MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY !


Heather S. said...

I NEED to do this today!!! :)

Peama(Donna) said...

oh Heather....I am so bad(as you can see....major catching up to do)! Hope you get it done!