Friday, August 12, 2011

TOP SHELF PICK for the first person to answer the following question(correctly) on!

**no correct game coming soon** Only one answer left, I know a strange one to be excited about......the PEWTER EMBOSSING POWDER......and IT'S HERE(actually they all are) I can play! 

today I will receive my Holiday mini pre-order.....I'm pretty anxious!
Top shelf prize to the first person to correctly guess which product I'm most excited about?

One guess person, post in the comment section(no e-mails for this one)!
Remember......if you do know have a blogger username you can still sure and add your name with your comment.

  1. stocking punch 
  2. simply scored scoring tool
  3. pewter embossing powder
  4. mini jingle bells
  5. peekaboo frames(die)


Heather S. said...

Well, I think it would have to be the Simply Scored scoring tool! People have been asking Stampin' Up for one for ages!

Peama(Donna) said...

Heather, that is a very good guess....but not the correct answer....sorry!

Anonymous said...

My guess (and my favorite!) would be the new mini jingle bells!! I can't wait to make some projects with them!

Jessica Booth

Peama(Donna) said...

we need another guess.....sorry Jessica(although I am anxious to get my hands on those cute little bells.....jingle all the way)!

Anonymous said...

I think the stocking punch. That is the one that catchs my interest anyways.

Bonnie said...

I think Stocking punch too, mostly because I am punch junkie,haha.

Lissame said...

my guess is the peekaboo frames die

Peama(Donna) said...

no correct guesses yet ladies....sorry! Thanks for playing along!