Friday, August 19, 2011


As I was thinking of how far behind I am, I also thought.......oh ya, I need to make a KIT to work with(beyond the BFF stamp set)!

HERE IT IS.....I'm already feeling challenged(with Pocketfull of Posies dsp)!
Being I had the challenges before I made the kit, I new what I had to work with(kind of) are the challenges!

JULY-Best Friends Forever! 
Challenge 1-Make a project with the predominant color being purple(just because I know it is your favorite color).
Challenge 2-Decorate a little wooden box for little girls to store trinkets and pictures of their best friends, or a picture frame for a picture of them with their best friend.  BLING it up a bit for the girls. 
Challenge 3-Do you have anyone from when you were a kid that you are still friends with?  Create a double page layout with pictures from when you were kids on the first page and recent pictures on the second page(or a variety of pictures through out the years)?
Challenge 4-Masculine card or layout for a husband/brother (for pictures with them)
Challenge 5-This one is still open........challenge welcome!

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