Wednesday, July 20, 2011

around the bend(paper share)

(this info is also posted in the around the bend tab(above))

With the NEW catty just being a great time to do a Designer Series Paper(dsp)paper share.


SU has informed us there will be a DSP special in 3 get 1 FREE......YES!!!

Here's how it will work:
  • you can choose 1/2 a packages of DSP
  • 1 design or all of's up to you!  
  • Full details(from SU)will arrive on August 1st...I'll keep you posted! 
  • Not sure if the specialty papers will be included in this special.....will know Aug. 1st.  

Figuring the 4th pack as FREE here is what the costs will be:
  • 1 package $13.50 x 3=$40.50
  • + plus shipping & gst($4.05 + $2.23) = $46.78
  • for this price we will get 4 packs of dsp
  • divide by 8(1/2 a pack from the 4 packs) = $5.85
  • regular price for a 1/2 pack would be $7.80.....SAVE almost $2.00....YA!  

I will probably place 2 PAPER SHARE on August 1st for those that want to order early, and one at the end of the month in case anyone is away, or maybe we just NEED more by the end of the month......LOL!

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