Saturday, June 04, 2011

MYSTERY HOSTESS WORKSHOP...5 spots OPEN(tell your friends....GREAT DEAL)!

WORKSHOP DEADLINE EXTENDED.......let's say June 15th! 

(there have been changes to this post.....please re-read)

A reminder that TODAY is the deadline for signing up for the MYSTERY HOSTESS WORKSHOP!

Right now there are 5 players.....looking for 5 more, please read the following to see if this format might interest you!  

The Mystery Hostess Workshop is concept that has been around for a few's a great way for the customer to earn FREE stuff, and for the demo to generate more sales.....a WIN(you) WIN(me)!  Hostess benefits are awarded in the form of a draw(level 1 hostess sets/free product)......hence the name Mystery Hostess.   Generally speaking 10 are registered for this event......the 10 players agree to gather a minimum of $100 in the end a $1000 workshop.  With a $1000 workshop there is $130+ worth of FREE product awarded, and 3 Hostess sets awarded.  Long story short....this amounts to 10 Mystery Hostess prizes(approx. $20 free product or free Hostess set....usually you need to have a $200 workshop to receive some of these benefits)!  Hostess Benefits will be awarded in intervals of $100, for example if you have $200 in orders you will be awarded 2 Hostess Benefits.   You do not have to place the $100 can gather orders from others to reach the $100!

ORDER DATE June 3rd!

a BONUS from me!  During this years Sale-A-Bration I earned FREE sets(yet to be picked)which I am giving to those signing up for the MYSTERY HOSTESS WORKSHOP!  You get to pick the FREE set you want.....we will do this during the 1st week of JULY, that way you get to pick from the NEW catty....and get a NEW stamp set!

There will be a Mystery Hostess Open House for those that have signed to be announced(early JULY, we will pick our FREE sets that day)!

This is a little complicated to explain in writing.....hope it's not a total the end you will receive up to $70 in FREE product for $100 order(total depends on the FREE set you choose)!!  If you have any questions please let me know!

(There will be no club benefits for this event)


Deanna said...

Is the 1st week of July also when we place the Mystery Hostess orders?

Peama(Donna) said...

order date June 3rd(listed in post)....I love it when people miss things, JUST LIKE I would do...LOL! Sorry Deanna....had to tease you!

You could actually choose your free set from the current catty if there is something there you wanted(rather than from the new catty)! LMK!

Deanna said...

Oops- missed seeing that- you know, it's all on its own, doesn't jump out at you at all!!

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!!! I'm IN!!!!


Peama(Donna) said...

thanks Leann.......will touch base soon!