Wednesday, June 01, 2011


IDEAS from some of you.....THANKS SO MUCH!
  1. TO celebrate your anniversary - how about a open house event, pre-register and get to do 2 projects - a small 3D and a card and a Sundae Buffet - a dish of ice cream and a brownie and add own toppings.  Probably more specific times than just 'open' if serving ice cream.
  2. Maybe you can share something with us over 8 days about your favorite products from the 8 years you have been doing this. Would you still have a picture or sample of something that came out new each year that you especially liked?  And I think we need to have a little party to celebrate. 
  3. So eight years is a long time.  Congratulations on your anniversary.  To help you celebrate, instead of you being the creative one and doing all the prep work, why not let us do it.  Have participants case a project from your blog, and then have all participants bring a shoebox with all precut paper and the embellishments, stamps, and inks needed.  This way, it is a tribute to you, and you get to see what some of our favorite ideas of yours are!!

planning happening now! 

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