Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip/Mystery Hostess Workshop/SAB earned stamp sets

this post is 3 fold as noted in the title.....please read all three sections, they are kind of tied together.

the TRIP:
As many of you know I have been working on earning the Stampin' Up! incentive trip for the past three years.  Currently demos are working towards a trip to Disneyworld(spring of 2012).  The deadline for earning the trip is June 30th, so I guess we could say the next 8 weeks are CRUNCH TIME(for me)!
I am pretty confident I will achieve my goal, but have some work to do before the end of June....and need to finds ways to generate extra sales.

next step......

Sale-A-Bration earned sets:
During SAB demos can earn FREE stamp sets(our choice, any price).......the number of FREE sets earned is based on sales and recruiting(I earned seven.....oooops, make that 6).  As a thank you to those that support my business, and an attempt to generate more sale for the trip I have decided to award my FREE sets to those willing to participate in the Mystery Hostess Workshop(a May event).     (if there are more than seven(six) players I will purchase the additional FREE sets)

next step......

Mystery Hostess Workshop: (this section not complete)

The Mystery Hostess Workshop is concept that has been around for a few's a great way for the customer to earn FREE stuff, and for the demo to generate more sales.....a WIN(you) WIN(me)!  Hostess benefits are awarded in the form of a draw(level 1 hostess sets/free product)......hence the name Mystery Hostess.   Generally speaking 10 are registered for this event......the 10 players agree to gather a minimum of $100 in the end a $1000 workshop.  With a $1000 workshop there is $130+ worth of FREE product awarded, and 3 Hostess sets awarded.  Long story short....this amounts to 10 Mystery Hostess prizes(approx. $20 free product or free Hostess set) one free set from me(the SAB awards from the above section).  Hostess Benefits will be awarded in intervals of $100, for example if you have $200 in orders you will be awarded 2 Hostess Benefits.

I am aiming for 10 players,  more than 10 are welcome.  With higher sales there will be extra Hostess Benefits earned.......they will be awarded back to the players.

Deadline to sing up June 1st.......ORDER DATE June 3rd!

There will be a Mystery Hostess Open House for those that have signed up to be a Mystery to be announced(mid June)!

This is a little complicated to explain in writing....hope it's not a total mix-up!  If you have any questions please let me know!

(There will be no club benefits for this event)


Deanna said...

I'll join the Mystery hostess!

Peama(Donna) said...

thanks so much Deanna...I will keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

I will join the mystery hostess too. (I won't be able for the open house though.) Brandi