Friday, April 01, 2011


have you seen this GRAB BAG post?

Check it out, then read this post.....I have a challenge for you!
  •  I will be buying one of each GRAB BAG, I will then divide them into my own GRAB BAGS.  
  • Those wanting to play along will get one of the GRAB BAGS I make up.  
  • Then you will create using the GRAB BAG GOODIES you receive(plus inks and stamps from your supplies).  
  • Take a picture, e-mail it to me(or drop off your projects), they will then be shared on blog!  
  • SOUND like FUN? 
  • Post in the comment section if you want to play along!  
  • Note: you will receive more goodies than what you need for your project......the rest is yours to keep!  

Let me know if you would like a GRAB BAG of your own.....I can add it to my order(placing it this evening at 9:00 p.m.).....let me know!

(deadline to sign up for GRAB BAG challenge.....April 11th)!


Heather said...

Of course it sounds like fun! Count me in - hopefully I'll have a chance to play. Very curious to see what might be in those grab bags! :-)

KellieD said...

Sounds fun! If you haven't sent my box, just wait 'til you have my project grab bag ready & then send it :)

Christina Nilson said...

I think this could be a great challenge. Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Sure that sounds like Fun Donna!

Joanne R said...

I'm up to the challenge! Sounds like fun - thanks!

Caren said...

Sounds like fun, I'll do it too.

Anonymous said...

I'm up for the game
Jenna J

Erin said...
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Anonymous said...

Am I too late...Can I have a grab bag too?!