Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sale-A-Bration BINGO starts today!


Bingo cards will be earned throughout the month of March(5th-31st)

How to earn BINGO cards:
  1. Place a $60 SAB order during the month of March(5th-31st)earn 1 card, and your FREE SAB product.  Each $60 order is eligible for a BINGO card!  (includes SAB classes, ribbon share, cardstock share)
  2. Host a qualifying SAB Workshop($395 in sales), and earn 2 cards, plus an extra SAB product(for the qualifying Workshop).
  3. Place an online SAB qualifying online order and you will 2 bingo cards(via e-mail), 1 for the SAB order, and 1 for ordering online.
  4. Sign up to be a SU demonstrator(with me)and you will receive 3 cards, plus the SAB recruiting rewards!
  5. Refer a friend(new stamper to me)for any of the above card earning options and you will receive a BONUS card!
Bingo cards will be placed in bags with SAB orders(with the exception of online orders).
The BINGO game will be played during April....1st square being called(posted on blog)April 1st(no joke).  One square called each day until April 30th.

One BINGO can be called per card.  It's up to you to decide when you want to call BINGO!  You can call on your first line, or wait it out for a bigger prize.  In order to claim a prize you must have the last square(image & color)called.  Waiting is a gamble....there is no guarantee you will win the bigger prize before the end of the month(30 squares will be called)! 

Prizes awarded for:
Four corners, or a straight line(horizontal, vertical, diagonal)-your choice of any item priced up to $10*!
Double line(any 2 of the above mentioned)-your choice of any item priced up to $15*!
Blackout-your choice of any item priced up to $25*.

*price before shipping and gst

All winning cards must be turned in, and product chosen by May 15th.  To claim a prize you must have the correct colored images on your card for the prize you are wanting to claim(straight line, double line, blackout)!  Please include your name, contact info, and prize choice on the back of the winning card. 

.........still working on some of the details...let me know of I'm missing any BINGO rules...LOL!

Thanks so much for the idea Lisa(fellow demo) should be FUN!

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