Monday, March 14, 2011

I should invite a fellow demo over more often.......TAKE A LOOK!

Yes, it's true......I'm busy trying to clean up my usually mess craft room(especially my desk)......want to impress Miss Susan(tonight's instructor, MDS class)!

AND, because it's a computer class.......even all the tables get clean's looking SUPER TIDY case you have your's proof, LOL(I know you believe me)!

I think this is the first time I've ever posted pictures(not sure why).......if you've never visited, you now have a visual of where Donna spends a lot of time! 

When you are standing looking into the craft room, this is what you see(left to right, and around to the beginning(on the right when you walk in)!  This is the living room of our house(at the front of the house, just beyond the entrance).  Two steps up from where I'm standing when I took the picture is the dining room, also craftroom....all it houses is two classroom tables(no photo required).

 yes....those are garage bins(not the prettiest I know....but I LOVE THEM, very useful)! 
Funny OLD table(one of our first)....great for scrapbooking....old chairs, cabinets!  Watch for a furniture update when I win the lottery!  All kidding aside.....I love this room, and I do appreciate it...and know I'm pretty lucky to have it! 


Anonymous said...

Yeah Donna....I love forced cleaning too...seems like the only way it gets done!


Jean said...

Cleaning your craft room is like cleaning your soul. It feels good to Purge and organize! Way to go! Wish I could be there tonight!