Tuesday, March 22, 2011

need some down-time!

Checking in to let you know I won't be posting for a few days.......hope to get caught up late in the week, or during the weekend.

This Thursday I will attend another funeral....the third of this past week.  My cousin lost his son to suicide.  It's so so hard, knowing so many in your family are in so much pain.....we all feel so helpless.

Thanks for your understanding........I'll be back soon!


Heather said...

So sorry to hear of your losses Donna. Thinking about you... We'll look forward to seeing you back here when you're ready. Hugs...

Anonymous said...

Just a note to let you know I think of you often. Hope you are getting some down-time & taking whatever time you need!


Peama(Donna) said...

thanks so much ladies.....your comments are much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you this week Donna!

Take care,