Friday, February 25, 2011

SAB Punch Power!

Need punches?  SAB is a great time to add the punches you've been thinking about!  Have you seen the great punch stamp set in the SAB catty(Punch Bunch) 5?

Order one extra large, one large, and one medium punch, and you'll have a FREE SAB product! 

Contact me if you have any questions! 


Christina Nilson said...

Is this directed at me?
I know... I need punches... badly... I'll Order next month. Wait that's only in three more days. OK... Let me have the weekend to figure some stuff out.
When is it too late ot OrdeR?

Peama(Donna) said...

Christina....that is funny! This is one of the orders I've been meaning to put up right from the beginning...but I will admit when you mentioned ordering punches at the class it did spark my memory! (thanks for the reminder)

The SAB deadline is March 31st!