Thursday, February 10, 2011


first person to reply to this post wins(question #2 must be the correct answer)! 

In the comment section please answer the following two questions.  
  1. Please tell me what are your 3 favorite things about this blog? 
  2. What is the total amount of FREEBIES given away in Round #1(FREEBIES 1-10)?  Please take totals listed on the posts, and add shipping(10%), and gst(5%) for a GRAND TOTAL of........?????
Only winners of Round #1 are eligible for this FREEBIE!  

If you are not the 1st to reply please participate by answering question #1.....just4fun.....thanks! 


Joanne said...

I would love it

Heather S. said...

1) Featured Stamper
2) lots of samples
3) contests and giveaways :)

Value of freebies;


Peama(Donna) said... are FAST....and you are CORRECT with your answer for the 2nd question!


Anonymous said...

Darn!! Just missed it again!! ( I think I added wrong somewhere too!!)

I LOVE all the fun blog games you have. It's a great way for out of towners and busy moms to take part!!
I can't wait for my turn as featurestamper.
You have lots of great ideas on your blog too!

Jessica B

Anonymous said...

Just a little too slow, oh well.
I'm not much of a blogger so I haven't looked before but I like the samples on the site.
Tx for a fun game.

Joanne said...

My total was the same. Took longer because I have to use my phone lol!
Love the samples you post, the prizes (the suspense kills me) and leadership pix

KellieD said...

Missed out on the bonus round...was on the road for hockey again :)

I love your blog for: awesome, clear sample pictures, great info on upcoming promos & fun games!!! Wish we could get together in person, but this is the next best thing!