Wednesday, February 09, 2011's how the give away of the FREEBIES will work!

Over the next 24 hours I will post 10 prizes(maybe more).....prizes for each round will be awarded to the 1st person that posts a comment in the comment section(no e-mails)!  If you do not have a username be sure and add your name to your post!


Limit of one prize per person for the FREEBIE give away!
Next prize won't be posted until the current one is claimed!  
All prizes are HERE, don't need to be ordered! 

It might be in your best interest to use a little strategy when you want to reply as soon as you see a new post, OR do you want to hold out for something different(maybe better)?  If you take a chance and wait for the next post(maybe better)....will you be the first to reply?

Hmmmmm.....what's the best way to play? 

(if you reply and you are not first you can reply again on the next round)

Good luck, and have fun!

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