Tuesday, February 08, 2011

**ETA...at bottom** LINDOR CHOCOLATES at the dollar store....what's up with that?

My eyes just about popped out of my head.....then I grabbed a BUNCH!!

Here they are all prettied up!

(hope they're not a year old....maybe I should test one?)

Ya, so I really needed to check them out as Leann suggested(actually I did it before the post...LOL), and they are pretty yummy(not old)!  I of course wasn't sure after just one.....had to make double sure with a 2nd one......I was good and gave my husband the 3rd)! 


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should...just in case.

Then...you will have to eat the next 2 as well because you cannot give an open box!


Heather S. said...

How sweet of you to share the last one with your hubby...but that must mean you now have a beautiful empty box!!! Glad to hear the chocolate was good.