Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Week 3-Countdown to Christmas

sorry for the wait....I'm a few days late(been busy working on the BIG PROJECT, I'm so excited)!  Today is the day I visit the Stollery Children's Hospital & Ronald McDonald House.....I can't wait to get there!

Cards are almost ready to go......I have a few more details to complete before I head out for the big delivery!  (take a pictures of my favorites, document categories for future donations, etc.)

Here is this weeks challenge........guess HOW MANY cards will be donated today?

One guess per person, one entry per guess, the winner will receive a prize and 5 bonus entries!

Guesses must be received by e-mail with the subject line FOR THE LITTLE ONES
Deadline for guesses, midnight Dec. 11th.

Good Luck everyone......I can't wait to tell you the answer! 


Anonymous said...

I made my guess!!!! Am excited to know the number.


Anonymous said...

when do we get the answer? Glad you had a good day in Edmonton.
Cathy J.

Peama(Donna) said...

The deadline for guesses is midnight on the 11th(Saturday).......I will post the answer Sunday morning(unless I'm up at midnight...LOL.....in that case, I'll do it then)!