Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today(at midnight)is the deadline for WEEK 2 challenge.....the song writer challenge.....JINGLE BELLS!

Posting WEEK 1 Countdown a bit early(want to make the draw at the Open House)!!!
The beginning of week 1 is tomorrow, because the BIG DAY prep is #1 on all our minds,  WEEK 1 CHALLENGE will be short and sweet......from now until tomorrow(Sunday)at 1:00 p.m.(when the open house starts)!

Here's what we will do for WEEK 1 in the countdown to Christmas challenge!

In an e-mail with the subject line TOP FIVE LIST.....let me know if you are willing to commit to doing FIVE of the following items sometime this week.  Please tell me a bit about each of the items you you will do them, who you will do them with, etc., etc., etc.!  I really hoping my blog visitors are NOT so organized that you have already completed all of the items on the list......LOL!
  1. Let's get cooking, and make our sense of smell HAPPY......create something YUMMY!  Let me know what a kitchen scent of Christmas is at your house?  
  2. Take time to sit and enjoy some Christmas music, a Christmas movie, favorite Christmas TV show......let's say a minimum of a 1/2 for this one!  
  3. Take a picture of your tree or a favorite Christmas ornament(tree or otherwise)......e-mail it to me so I can share on the blog! 
  4. Do something gift related, make a gift, buy a gift, wrap a gift, deliver a gift!
  5. Take the time to think of Christmas's past......then share your memory with someone(family or friend)!  Call them, e-mail them, Facebook this point I'm thinking whatever is quickest and easiest.....the clocks a tickin'! 
  6. If you are attending the Christmas Open House at Donna's tomorrow, and would like to donate a few cards to the Stollery's Children Hospital please bring them along(do not have to be Christmas, but please make sure they are homemade).  If you don't have extras at home, and are attending the Open House be sure and make one or two at the Stollery work station that will be set up)!  THANKS!
  7. Take the time to look at some photos of Christmas's past.....ENJOY! 
  8. Call someone you don't have regular contact with throughout the year....someone that would be happy to hear from you........just because, just to chat, make their day!
  9. Read a Christmas story with a little one.  If you are not able to do this, no little ones are your house......maybe call a little someone.   Chat with them about their excitement  of Christmas, how many sleeps til Christmas, what's on their wish list......I'm sure they'll be willing to share!
  10. Choose an activity of your own that is not listed above.  Something you would like to do this week........not something you HAVE TO DO, something you will take the time to do.......a little something special! (let me know what it is)
    Remember......deadline for reply is 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 18th! 

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