Saturday, November 20, 2010

Online Spectacular(sale)

The online sale will be announced on Monday the 22nd. In the past this sale has been a while supplies last format. I'm not sure it will be the same this year.......but I'm guessing YES!


You can order online, or I can place your order for you. Monday at NOON(your best bet at getting the specials you want). I will place other orders during the week, but they will run the risk of items being sold out(if the sale is while supplies last).

Did you know that Stampin' Up! has a expediated shipping? The cost is $25 over and above the regular 10% shipping fee.

Monday's Online Spectacular noon order will be expediated(my treat).....I need a few things FAST, and thought this would be a good order to add it to........the sooner we get our great deals the better!!!

If you need anything QUICK for your upcoming craft project this would be a great order to add it to(even if they are not part of the sale)........let me know!

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