Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Challenge 2(week 6)!

  1. If you've read the last post you will know that I am starting group meetings for those people my downline(don't like how that sounds), and I would like to name the group!
  2. I would also like a name for THE meetings! Love......Coffee Talk, but can't really steal Winona's name...LOL!

With my imagination apparently on holidays.....I can't come up with anything beyond Donna's downline(pretty lame I know)!

Everyone that sends me an idea for a group name/group meeting name will get an entry in the grand prize draw! If I use the name you submitted you will receive 5 entries in the draw.

Here's the break down for entries you could earn
  • 1 ticket for group name
  • 1 ticket for meeting name
  • 5 tickets if I pick your group name
  • 5 tickets is I pick your meeting name
Please send your ideas in an e-mail....with the subject line NAMES! Deadline for entries is midnight Nov. 20th.

Hope you play along......I need HELP!!! LOL!

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