Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 10 entries....thanks so much for playing along guys!

There were two entries for week 1-(my husbands is yet to be made....will post when he completes his masterpiece)!

The original plan was to have a vote........how can we vote, they are both WINNERS, don't you agree? I am very impressed that two men stepped up to the plate and took part in the challenge(and are still married...LOL)! Both Cathy and Leann will get a prize, and an entry for the grand prize, thanks ladies.....I'm sure this wasn't easy!

the above card is from Leann's husband Nathan......made his own bat, right on!

this card was made by Cathy J.'s husband Paul......I'm impressed!

another fun shot.....here's the proof.....Paul hard at work!

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Heather said...

Kudos to these guys for playing along! And to their wives for "convincing" them they should! Way to go!