Thursday, October 14, 2010

slight OOOOPS!(week 11)

In the 1st post for this week I had mentioned that you will need to participate in all 7 posts this week to gain a Grand Prize entry for the draw. Then in the Day 3 & 4 posts I said those playing in those two posts would get an entry into the Grand Prize......ooooops. Although this is an error on my part, I won't change it(take back entries)! I will however have to sweeten the pot for those that participate in ALL 7 of the this weeks challenge......hardly seems fair to keep the weekly award at just 1 Grand Prize entry, when 2 of the daily posts ended up getting a Grand Prize entry!

THEREFORE.........those participating in all 7 of this weeks challenges will receive 5 entries into the GRAND PRIZE draw!

Hope this makes sense.....if you have any questions.......please let me know!

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