Thursday, October 07, 2010

it's a BIG SHOT!!! (12 weeks til Christmas)

you read right ladies(and gentlemen if there are any of you visiting) the end of the 12 weeks til Christmas I will be awarding a BIG SHOT to one lucky player!

I can hear someone saying.......DARN, I already have a BIG SHOT! No can still win! If you win and you already own the BIG SHOT you will receive equal dollar value in BIG SHOT accessories(page 204-217) fun is that!?

How to WIN?
  1. Most challenges will have individual prizes awarded.....TOP SHELF(pick a prize)!
  2. All weekly challenges will have draw tickets awarded for the GRAND PRIZE.....the BIG SHOT! Each time you complete a weekly countdown challenge your name will be put into the grand prize draw....your chances of winning will increase with each challenge you complete!
  3. Grand Prize will be awarded at a THANKS FOR PLAYING the COUNTDOWN party night(7:00 p.m.)on Jan. 3rd! If you are playing along, you're invited to attend!
join in's a DRAW, if you have ONE ticket in the could WIN!!!


Deanna said...

so, is the first challenge the ad challenge, or is there another one I missed?

Peama(Donna) said...

yes......the week 12(short & sweet) the first post of the 12 week countdown! You have not missed any!