Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4 days left of week 11 countdown!

10.10.10 on the 13th........the plan was to play this game on the 10th day of the 10th month, during the 10th year. With the busy Thanksgiving weekend it seemed all the blog visitors were pretty we will play it on the 13th!
  1. Find a product in either catty that is $10.??.....please send page number, and product name.
  2. What is the name of the stamp set on page 10 of the mini.
  3. In the main catty find a stamp set that has 10 stamps in it!
  4. Make a wish list of 10 items and send it to me.
  5. What is the scheduled for the 10th of Nov.
  6. How many colors are there in the color collections, and which collection is you favorite?
  7. What would you say are the TOP 10 products used in my classes from pages 164-217?
  8. Make a list of 10 stamp sets you have used during classes you have attended.
  9. Send me a list of your 10 favorite samples in either catty(main or mini).
  10. Find a product code with 10 in it.
Everyone that plays along will have their name entered into a draw for So Many Thanks(page 18 main catty), or Baby Tees jumbo wheel(page 79 main catty)......AND......everyone will also earn an entry in the GRAND PRIZE draw!

Join in's what you're playing for.......BIG SHOT!


Anonymous said...

I so would have played...but I was getting my girls baptised yesterday.


Peama(Donna) said...

Thanks Leann! As no one was able to play along this challenge will see the light of day on a different date.....stay tuned!

Hope the baptism went well....can't wait to see pictures!

Heather S said...

Fancy that! I was at that baptism too! Sent you an email... :)