Thursday, August 05, 2010

What's the BIG DEAL?

It's a BIG SHOT deal!

In conjunction with the Stampin' Up! EXTRA EXTRA promotion I am offering the following special.....if it seems a little confusing(in writing)give me a call and I can explain it!

During the month of August SU is offering extra free product with the Hostess Benefits. The bonus will apply to all workshops of $450 or more. The bonus is $35, which will amount to $80 when combined with the regular amount of free product($45).

The BIG DEAL is the following: GEARED TO THOSE INTERESTED IN THE PURCHASING THE BIG SHOT! (can be a workshop(host a fun BIG SHOT event with your friends), or a book order workshop)
  • to take advantage of the SU offer I will be placing 2 BIG SHOT orders as 1 workshop!
  • Individual Big Shot orders will be $225(plus shipping and gst).
  • Big Shot machine and 2 accessory pads amount to $148.95.....the remaining $76.05 is for your selection of Big Shot products, choose your favorites from page 204-217.
  • With your Big Shot order you will receive a $20 credit from me($20 off the $225) will now pay $205(plus shipping and gst)!
with me so far?

  • You will pay $205(plus shipping and gst), receive $225 in Big Shot products.
  • Each of BIG SHOT order will receive a Hostess Level 1 set(1 earned with workshop, the other a gift from me).
  • Each of the orders will receive $40 in FREE product(that you get to pick)from the SU Hostess Benefits(& the EXTRA EXTRA promotion). Normally with a $200 order you would receive $20 in FREE product.
  • $ will receive $265 in product, and a Hostess set valued at $21.95. Long and short of it.......$286.95 value for $205(both plus shipping and gst).
Wow that's a lot of MATH for this early in the morning.....LOL!!!

You do not need two orders to participate(you and a friend)......I will combine orders from the ones I receive!

I will be starting a BIG SHOT creative night in Sept. for those that have purchased the Big Shot from me. Details coming soon!

If you are not interested in purchasing a BIG SHOT you can take advantage of the same special.......promotion applies to any workshop of $450.

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to place an order.

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