Friday, May 28, 2010

KIT TALK-something new!

Trying MORE new stuff.....KITS!

Kits are not really new.....I have offered them I guess I should really say....we are bringing them back to life!

Kits may come and go.....they are easy to plan when a new mini or catty is released. If the KITS are centered around new works better for everyone as everything is NEW.....and you won't have already purchased bits and pieces of what's in the kit..........make sense?

There are TWO basic kits that will be on going, and ONE new product based kit per month(special for the month only)!
The product based kit will have an optional class that you can attend for an additional fee. Kit classes will be open for those that do not purchase the kit, but will have a different fee that will vary from month to month! These classes will be held the month after the kit was offered, allowing everyone to have their kit and be able to bring it to class!

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