Friday, May 28, 2010

CLASS-TEACHER'S PROJECT-Monday June 14th 7:00 p.m.

This class will be $15 class and will include a pop top can filled with 12 3 x 3 note cards(with envelopes), plus a teacher friendly stamp and a Basic Black Stampin' Spot(ink pad)! For this fun project I have been saving Chunky soup for quite some time! When having Chunky in our cut off the bottom of the can, leaving the pop top part of the can in tack!

Once you have completed the 12 3 x 3 note cards you will place them inside the can with some pretty stuffing, adhere the bottom back onto the can........and there you have it......a GREAT little project with a FUN surprise inside(the kids will love that part.....when their teacher opens it up)! If you would like you can add a little extra gift with the cards.........a gift card would fit nicely in the can! Although this class is called a Teacher's gift project it can be given to anyone.......great for a thank you, birthday...........ANYTHING!!!

The can needs a little work, not quite complete(was in a hurry to get the project posted).......will update once I dress it up a bit!

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