Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic stamping(day 8)

Part 1: Real Olympics (points 125)
Deadline to play.....before game time today(Feb. 19th)! 
Event: Curling(men's & ladies-Canadian)! 
Send me your prediction on the games....who will win, and what will the score be?
  • 25 points for guessing the correct winning team guess(mens & ladies)
  • 100 points for the closest game score guess(only eligible if you have guessed the winning team)!   

Part 2: Stamping Olympics(500 points, plus bonuses)
Challenge must be completed by noon on Feb. 20th! 
No stamping required.....this is a virtual relay team event!  
  • If you would like to play let me know via e-mail, using the word RELAY in the subject line!  
  • If you sign up to play you will be a team captain, and cannot include other team captains in your relay team!  You can only be part of one team.....hope this make sense?!  
  • You will receive GAME RULES in a RELAY e-mail once you make your request to play!  
  • 500 points if you complete the challenge....and there will be a chance to earn additional points along the way(included in event e-mail)!   


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