Thursday, February 04, 2010

Feb. Techniuqe night!

(there is a class tonight.....wanna come?)

Card inspired by Jane B.( received in a swap).....I made a couple changes, made the tile a bit larger to be the same width as the punch, and extended the height so that when punching the paper it could be right up against the punch....allowing it to be centered.  I also embossed the Gum Ball machine, and made the candies on the outside scratch n' sniff.  
This card was inspired by Christine C-L(received in a swap)......I so LOVE this style(collage/vintage)!  Once again a few minor changes from the original......but the look is the same...thanks Christine!  

Well as many of you know I am a stalker of Kimberly Van Diepen......this card is a TOTAL lift from her blog....I love everything she does!!!  I did make one alteration....added the textured kraft tile(the large one on the base)!  Either way(with or without the kraft tile)....this card is a BEAUTY(imho)!  

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