Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have yet to post for yesterday....will get to it soon,  but I wanted to get a little something out there for todays BIG GAME........the GOLD MEDAL hockey game!  

If you answer yes to all of the following questions you can play.  
  1. Will you be watching the game......or at least keeping an eye on it?  
  2. Will you be cheering for CANADA? 
  3. Do you live close enough to me to pick up your prize if you win? 
  4. Are you proud to be Canadian?  
  5. Do you like/love crafting......for the love of crafting?  Or just because, it's fun to get together with friends(kind of like watching a BIG GAME....LOL)?
If you e-mail me before the game(before the puck is dropped to start the game)you will win a prize IF Canada WINS the GAME and the GOLD MEDAL! 
Here are the prizes.....they will be awarded in a PICK A PRIZE format, next time you're over you can pick the one you want from the prize basket!   

Snail Adhesive
Whisper White envelopes
Very Vanilla envelopes 
Assorted cardstock packs
Linen Thread 
Assorted Classic Ink stamp pads
Assorted Stamp sets

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