Monday, January 11, 2010

Today....I"ve reached a SU that will award me with $1000....LET'S CELEBRATE!!

As many of you know it's Sale-A-Bration.........and because I'm in the CELEBRATING mood I want to pass on some fun onto you!!!  

Okay.....what to do?'s the DEAL!

  1. I will keep a running total of all orders placed starting today at noon.  Amounts will be taken from the order totals before shipping and gst. (all standard benefits will be awarded to individual orders(SAB, Workshop benefits))  
  2. Once the order total has reached the $1000 mark I will award a small gift to each person that has placed an order that contributed to the $1000 total. 
  3. I will then put everyones name into a draw for a $50 gift certificate.  
  4. Sound like fun?.....ready......set..........GO!!!  
Let's call this a KICK OFF to Sale-A-Brations(I'm a little slow getting started...LOL)!  

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