Friday, January 01, 2010

3 classes geared toward SAB rewards!

post not complete.......more details to follow!  

I will be hosting one SAB class per month during SAB.....Jan., Feb., & Mar.

Class fee will be approx. $65(plus shipping & gst)and you will receive approx. $65 in product specific to the class.  If you already have the products included in the class order, you can make product swaps for items of approx. equal value.  You will also receive your choice of a SAB reward(free product with every $65 order)!  

Club members-info will be announced soon! 

JAN. SAB class- "this year I will" 
This is a one time/all year class!  (I know, that makes no sends)
In Jan. there will be a class that will include supplies to build a "this year I will" album!  At the Jan. class we will decorate the album cover, and create our individual cover page specific to our own 12 topics.  
After the Jan. class you have the option of continuing on your own, or attending a monthly class* where we will complete a double page layout for each of the 12 "this year I will" topics! Somewhere along the way we will have to double up on a topic or two as we won't get one done at the Jan. class, and we may skip the summer months! 

As part of the "this year I will" theme each person will compile 12 topics they would like to achieve during 2010!!  If you like, the title can be changed as you might want a different theme.....maybe"top 12 things of 2010", or maybe "2010 in review".......any topic you choose will work!!!  

Each month I will complete and post on the blog my topic/layout for the month!  The idea here is to inspire blog friends to join us, those live away and cannot attend the monthly classes!  

It is also my hope that with the encouragement of others we can help each other achieve our desired goals!!!  

*with this option you can attend monthly classes throughout the year, these classes will have a fee $5-$10(price will be determined on a monthly basis)!   

FEB. SAB class-Forget-Me-Not card keeper class

MARCH SAB class-to be announced


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