Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS(Dec. 16th-Cards)

I have received a few Christmas cards already.....I love getting them!!  That brings me to giving.....because I love receiving, I should be good at giving?  I LOVE to give, I'm just not good at doing it in a timely manner!  My goal is to have all my cards made, addressed, and mailed Monday morning........that will be the 21st, I'm hoping that will be enough time to arrive by the 24th!!  If this happens I will be satisfied as often my cards arrive for the New Year!!!  

All of my cards have Alberta destinations, and should take only 2 days for delivery.......fingers crossed!  The rest will be and delivered at Christmas!!!  

Watch for BIG post tomorrow.......I had some excitement on last night after the Club Christmas get together!!  

Hope you enjoy this simple/elegant card.....I am going to duplicate it and send it to my Mom.....I think she'll like it!  

I am happy to say....everyone that is part of my clubs was able to attend the little Christmas get together.....we made this fun project....Jingle all the Way shadow box.  

After the work was done we had snacks, egg nog, hot apple was a good night!!!  

Thank you club members for taking the time to attend during this busy are the BEST!!!  

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