Saturday, December 19, 2009

6 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS(Dec. 19th-Missing you)

Dec. has on occasion been a rough month for our family.....Christmas has had a small grey cloud over it a few times!!  

Today is the day we buried my Grandma E. in 1991.  Her casket spray was white poinsettia, and Silent night was played as she was carried into her service.........5 days before Christmas.  To add to this sad time, my Grandpa(her husband of 67 years)was taken to Edmonton for tests the day she passed away, he had surgery on Dec. 26th.......and passed away 3 weeks to the day after my Grandma.....what a time!!!  
Six years ago on Dec. 6th I lost my Grandma K..  

My Mother-in-law has been very ill on more than a few December days....she is again this year trying to recuperate.  At 91 years old she has no intentions of missing the Christmas party on boxing day!!      

This year has it's own that has once again left me with a heavy heart in December.  I will leave it at that........will share with you soon.......forgive me for being so vague!  

For all those I have lost(Dec. and any other time of the year).......I MISS YOU at Christmas, and think of you often all through the year!! my Grandma's would say.........look on the bright onto HAPPY we go!!!  

I am so excited to find yet another use for the LOVELY AS A TREE stamp set!  
Check out the snowflake........yep.......made with a tree stamp!

Isn't that a good one.....LOL!!


Joanne said...

Hey Donna,
Let me know if you need anything or if there is anything I can do!

Deanna said...

Neat idea.
Sorry for the rough times. My best wishes for you.