Wednesday, November 18, 2009

big FLOP!

With Christmas and a million cards out there, I always have such a hard time picking JUST 3 for club this month I thought well let's do four, if we work fast we can get it done!!!  So off I go to try a globe card with glitter( was EVERYWHERE!)!!!  Well I have to report, it was a FLOP!!  Besides the glitter, it was an adhesive MESS, and marker colors bleeding.......not PRETTY after all the work of coloring!!!  So...........THAT card, the 4th one I was trying to squeeze in is OFF for tonight.......unless of course a miracle happens and I can master the technique in the next 8 hours(and it's not looking good)!!!  

bummed out stamper!!!  

Okay.................I'm better now(had to share my frustration with people that will understand.....fellow crafters)!!!   

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