Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Did you notice this post from this morning? (3rd) **edited**

Just for Kids(and the Kid in You)!

Please note there are two specials in this promotion, the dates for the specials are different. One is until Aug. 30th, and the second on is run until Sept. 30th......sorry for the mix up, and thanks to Leann for pointing it out to me!

Here is the game for post 3.........let me know which is your favorite set from the GROWING UP section of the catty(pages 74-90), and you will have a little something added to your basket! If you don't have a catty, you can check it out here: GROWING UP

This post will be completed when someone picks their favorite set, and it's the same as mine...........GO!

**4 guesses so one has nailed down my favorite set from the GROWING UP section.........this post will be active until someone gets it.........come on ladies.......GUESS, GUESS!**


Jacqueline said...

I'm going to have to pick Choo Choo as I live with a train fanatic at present.

Lissame said...

I am loving all of the new 'Boy' themed sets. So I am in favor of Beware Pirates.