Sunday, May 17, 2009

Q&A responses from post 6

Q: How may SU boxes have come into your house since the beginning of the year?
A:(long answer, sounds like I'm making excuses!)
THAT is a GOOD question........and I don't know the answer! I will count the pile and let you know!!! It's more than the magic number of 50! I WILL DO IT........fill them, and part with them!!! I should be able to use quite a few at the garage sale for those that buy more stuff than will fit in a bag! LOL!
Q: How many have left???!!!?
A: Only a handful have been filled and left the house(less than 5)

Q:What is your favourite occasion to make a card for?
A: I will say Christmas........I LOVE everything about CHRISTMAS, even the crazy busy-ness!
Q:Do you give away all the cards that you make?
A:I really don't like to answer the second one.........I am SO bad at giving cards.......make TONS, give out VERY FEW.........MUST change that!!!!

Q:How do you manage your pieces of scrap paper - those pieces too big to throw out - how do you keep it organized?
This question was asked of me a while ago(by the same person, probably during the last blog challenge), and I didn't answer it......don't forget.....I'm the QUEEN of sidetracked.......sorry!!!
A:I have plastic containers that hold each of the color families, neutrals, and In Colors. In those containers I have a full sheet of cardstock for each color, the full sheets are used as dividers.........all the scraps are placed between the full pieces.........hope that makes sense? The challenge(for me)is to keep the scraps sorted........they are usually piled into a basket waiting to be sorted.........(rolling eyes/red face)!

How long have you been a stampin up demostrator?
I just had my 6 year anniversary in April!

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Jacqueline said...

Love your answers Donna - glad I'm not the only one that has piles of cards waiting to be given away.