Wednesday, April 08, 2009

PLAN A-$1000 Mystery Hostess Workshop

here's how it works.............

10 customers* that would like to play along will let me know they would like to be a hostess. They will show the main catty, and the Occasions mini catalog to friends, family and co-workers and collect $100 in orders(before s&h and tax).

All 10 $100 orders will be pooled to make up the $1000 mystery hostess workshop, all hostess benefits will be awarded to those participating. This will done in the form of a draw........which will be broke down as follows.
1 will receive a level 1 hostess set
1 will receive a level 2 hostess set
1 will receive a level 3 hostess set
7 will receive $20 in FREE PRODUCT
total 10 awards.......everyone's a winner!

Once the order has been place and the product has arrived I will host an Workshop night for the 10 hostesses! Date to be announced!

This event will run in conjunction with the GET CONNECTED promo SU is running for April(for every $50 order from the mini, you will receive a FREE product from page 208), and my Birthday celebration promo(for every $50 order you will receive $5 in free product). The $1000 order will be placed on April 30th..........the 10 hostess spots will be awareded on a first come first serve basis(only 10 will be available). Any questions, please let me know!

*Club members will need to submit a seperate $100 order, cannot be part of your monthly club commitment!

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