Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeling kind of GRUMPY!!!

Thanks so much for playing ladies, we have our 5 winners! Will post prizes soon, be sure and check back!

So I've been waiting to see Mr. Red Breast for several days now, with no luck!!! I hear him daily, but haven't caught a glimpse of him........GRRRRR(insert grumpy frowning face)! Many of you have heard me whinning about this for several weeks now..........SORRY!

So to improve my mood, I want to give STUFF away!!!

The 1st 5 people to reply with an e-mail using the subject MR. RED BREAST will win a prize(a surprise)!!!

Ready set GO!
1. L.S.
2. T. S.
3. C. N.
4. P. R.
5. K.D.

p.s. care to guess what the RED is will stay like this until I see HIM(hope it's not long, as I don't really care for it....LOL)!

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