Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love You Much Bundle

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The last day for this special is Jan. 31st......check it out here:

The Love You Much Bundle class is on Feb. 1st. There are two options for this class, buy the Love You Much bundle and attend the class for FREE, or if you prefer not to purchase the bundle you can attend the class for $20.

At this class we will make 4-6 LOVE cards(not all Valentines)! How many we get done will depend on how fast we work, a min. 4 to a max. of 6! Time permitting we will make a Valentine candy favor(I already have the CHOCOLATE)! Keep in mind the class ends at 9:30p.m..

There will be a completed double page layout on display........those that have purchased the bundle will have the products to complete the layout(at a later date, it is not part of the class)!

There is room in the class........2 spots!

You can choose either option, if you would like to purchase the bundle I will to order it before the class as the offer expires on Jan. 31st, the day before the class!! You do not need your bundle for the class, supplies are provided seperate from the bundle you purchase!


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