Monday, December 29, 2008

Heading to Orlando, Florida(Jan. 6th)

I will be heading to Stampin' Up!'s Leadership convention on Jan. 6th! This will be my 1st Leadership........I am VERY excited!! As with any Stampin' Up! events there is a TON of swapping that goes on, and I LOVE swapping*..........BUT........haven't started my 100+ projects I plan to take with my.......I have a week and a day to get them started & finished!!

I shall start today, and probably finish the evening of the 5th(or on the plane, or in the hotel in the evenings...LOL)!!!

If you have some down time over the next few days and would like to be part of a card production line come on over and play! By the end of today I will post a PRODUCTION schedule!

*The whole idea behind swapping is so that you can come back with as many cards as you took, with the bonus being they will all be different(take 100 of the same, bring back 100 different......make sense)!

**updated......(Jan. 1st)**
I've made great progess over the last couple of days so I have revised the schedule to just one get together!!
If you are willing to assemble a few swaps please let me know, and plan to come over on.......
Sunday Jan. 4th 7-9 p.m.

So far I have one keen crafter coming over to help me out..........thanks Cathy!!!

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