Monday, November 24, 2008


Stampin' Up! is sponsoring a HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA event........not much is known about the details of this event, which is unusual! Usually we(the demos)get promotion details before they start..........NOT THIS TIME!!! I'm hoping that means it's SOMETHING BIG.....BIG SAVINGS......fingers crossed!!!

On Nov. 26th the HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA will be announced!
  1. It will run until Dec. 1st!
  2. Sale runs on a while supplies last format........usually this means items SELL OUT fairly quickly!
  3. I will be placing two orders during this on the 1st day, and one on the last day(buyer beware, many items could be sold out by the last day)!
  4. To guarantee you get the sale items you want, please place your order on the 26th.......otherwise it could BE GONE!
  5. Don't forget you have the option of online ordering, and that of course will be done by you, and can be done ANYTIME!!!
  6. I will be adding extra incentives to the SU event........just think of it as a BONUS from ME!!
  7. More to come........will let you know when full details are released!!!

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