Sunday, June 01, 2008

Some excitement in the CREATIVE CORNER OF MY WORLD!(warning: a bit of bragging coming your way)

I am excited to share that a few of my creations will be published in the fall issue of THE CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKER MAGAZINE!!!

I will have one double page spread published, and 3 Stampin' Up! cards featured in the S.W.A.K. section........I'll remind you to take a peek when the fall issue is due to hit the newstands!!

Due to rules & regulations I cannot share photos of the projects, I signed on the dotted line that they would not be posted online!

But I can post this(even though I never really had them posted)

I often see people posting a logo similar to this, and always think to myself........wouldn't it be cool to be able to post removed for publication?...............NOW I CAN! (silly me)

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Joanne said...

That's very exciting! Congratulations!!!!!