Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good Morning Ladies.......HAPPY National Scrapbook Day!!!

I'm here and ready to get started, PLEASE let me know if you have stopped by, and are taking part in the will make things MORE interesting if I know who's PLAYING!!!!

BONUS challenge!!!
complete ALL of the following and your name will be added into a bonus draw(hint it's a level 2 Hostess stamp set)!!!!

1. Complete 2 of the 5 challenges listed below and share on the BLOG!!
2. Leave a BLOGGER COMMENT(you don't have to be a BLOGGER member to leave a comment, it will show up as annonymous. Please add your name to your comment, otherwise I won't know who annonymous is!!!
3. Have a friend sign up for our newsletter!
4. Book a workshop(in home or book order)
5. Sign up for one of scheduled classes

More challenges posted in the post below(in red)this one.........HAVE FUN!!!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Hey Donna,

I up for the challenge!! When is the deadline???