Saturday, September 02, 2006


There are many GREAT causes out there, and often there is one or two that are dear to us because of our personal experiences, and/or our family activities. They may include school activities, sporting activities, church functions, medical causes, etc., etc., the list is endless!

With Stamping I can help you reach some of your fundraising goals by donating my commisions to the cause of your choice. There is no minimum or maximum. If you have a group of people that are into rubber stamping your organization is already on there way to a successful fundraiser. These fundraising workshops can be set up in vaious ways, please contact me for more information. All participants pay full retail price(with shipping & GST), and I will donate 20% of the total sales in the form of a cheque written directly to the cause of your choice. I will supply a fundraising cover letter/e-mail to send to your group. Please e-mail me at for more information.

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