Thursday, January 02, 2014


claim an empty jar

This one is fairly large(2 quarts), keep in mind you will be adding daily(hopefully) need a fair bit of space!

cut some strips that will fit in the jar you chose

Here you will see pieces of cardstock I have cut and placed in the jar. I will use these strips to hand write daily activities on. Cut pieces to suit the size of your jar......mine are cut 3/4" x 8/5". I have selected different colors cardstock, plan to use one color per month.....this will make things easier to sort as the months go on.
  • Each day I will hand write "something" on a strip. 
  • Be sure and add the date to each strip you complete. 
  • photos welcome
  • I will not limit myself to one strip per day......some days I will have more to say than others, no rules here! 
  • I am not sure where I am going with focus will likely change throughout the year. 
  • I will invite others to contribute to my jar(mainly thinking of grandkids when they come to visit). 
  • I "plan" to run this in junction with a scrapbooking project. During the year I will use the strips from The Jar to create journaling type scrapbook double page layout per month. (excited about this)
You with me so far?

name your project, decorate jar
To start your project you will need to decide on a name, what do you want the project to focus on?
  • Are you going to journal everyday happenings(Journal Jar) 
  • Create a "happy jar"
  • Collect memorabilia throughout the year 
  • The possibilities are endless......the choice is yours!  

Journal Jar TIDBITS! 
Each day write something good in your day, everyday has something worth remembering at the end of the are a few ideas to document.
• a pleasant surprise!
• an accomplished goal
• pay attention to simple/the little things
• LOL moments
• memory worth recording
• thankful for
• naturally beautiful
• make someone’s day(call them or send a card)

On December 31st crack open Your Jar, read about your amazing 2014!

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Sandi Lange said...

My Jar started on January 1 and is entitled Good Things That Happen in 2014. I will write about surprise gifts, accomplished goals, beauty of nature, LOL moments, memories worth saving, daily blessings. Whatever comes to mind. The task (oops it's not really a task) has been going well so far.