Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why I do what I do!(results for week 7 challenge)

These pictures are for the current challenge of the countdown to Christmas. I wanted to share them for another reason(beyond the challenge) great is this, it's why I do what I do!

Cathy wrote:
The card making session with my young friend Kate was so fun! We chose red, green and brown for our color combos.

Two of the three cards we made are already in the mail. We sent the one we made together to her parents, and she sent the one she made to a friend. I am going to hand deliver the one I made to one of my residents where I work.

Donna says: I really like the cards......but it's the smiles I LOVE the MOST! Thank you Cathy and Kate, today you made me smile!!

Judy wrote:
Here are some pictures of my granddaughter Paige and myself for the Kid's challenge.

Paige's birthday is coming up on the 26th so she wanted to make her birthday invitations rather then Christmas cards.

I helped her design the flip flop cards since her party is going to be a tropical theme at the pool.

Then I made the square one to coordinate as a birthday card for her although she did see it.

Of course her's are for her friends that she is inviting to the party.

Donna says: What a great time you had, fun! Once again....the smiles are GREAT.....thanks for playing Judy & Paige!

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