Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone!!

Here's the deal......TRICK OR's a game/special!!!

First off you will need to e-mail me letting me know you want to play along.........this must be done before noon!!!

Don't be will be in fun.........and I promise to be nice.....come on join in!!!!

I will be adding 4 posts through out the day, first one being posted shortly after 12:00 p.m.! You will need to complete the requests and e-mail me with your answers/challenges!

Everyone that signs up to play and completes all four games/challenges will receive up to 20% off their next order(must be placed in Nov.)!!.......make your wish list.........and join the fun!!! You do not need to place an order to play, but you must sign up and complete all 4 topics to receive the 20% savings!

1. will be posted around noon
2. will be posted around 2:00
3. will be posted around 7:00
4. will be posted around 9:00

you do not have to complete one game/challenge to move onto the next........but all games/challenges need to be submited by the end of the day(Oct. 31st)!

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