Thursday, April 24, 2008


time for a little challenge.........please browse the blog, and my SU site gallery(link on the right)and let me know which is your favorite project............everyone that plays along will have their name entered in a draw for a GOODIE BAG of SU's going to be a GOOD ONE(I promise)!!!

Along with your favorite project please let me know what type classes you would like to see offered......either ones I have done, and you would like to see repeated, or ones you have seen elsewhere, and I haven't offered............thanks!

Hope to hear from you.........remember this is a 2 part question!!!

**thanks so much for the it!!!** Funny thing is I have been tossing around doing a online class, so glad the subject came up!!! will draw for this one later today!


Joanne said...

My favorite (s) are your paper bag album (Loved that class and the sample on SCS) and I really like the dry embossed Priceless card with white, ivory, ribbon and pretties bead that is on your blog.

As I read this I thought I still need to take a scrapbook class from you and get started in that (scrapbooking and actually putting pictures on the page) then I read more and see it may be a new class - good job!

I sent your blog addy to a few friends to check out too! (Told them you had prizes too;)

Lissame said...

I would have to agree with Joanne, the paper bag albums on the site are wonderful, I wish I could get mine to look as good. I also love all of your sb pages they remind me of the simple is best.The photo block is also great. As for classes, have you thought of offering some online turtorials? I would love to particpate that way, or even a online card/sb challenge...that way I could participate as I can't come to your house for classes, just too far to drive with the price of gas...which sucks by the way...thanks