Thursday, January 17, 2008

T's & T's Thursday(tips & techniques)

Handwritten journaling.........this is a HUGE dilemma for me, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, don't like my handwriting/printing!!! I know it good practice to include our handwriting on our scrapbooking layouts, but I rarely do.......because I think it ruins the look of the layout once MY handwriting gets on it!!

So I am on a mission to change this, and will look for tips & tricks for improving handwriting!

Anything you know you want to share?

Two things I do....that work:
1. Write small, and in small places.
2. Write with a pencil first(lightly), once finished go over it with a marker, then earse the pencil marks..........helps eliminate error, and I'm all for that!!!!

In may attempt to add a little ME flavour to my layouts.........I did the following layout using the above mentioned techniques!!!

LIFE IS they say!

handwritten journaling reads:
Apparently I was sporting this look in & around 1961........lets just say I was in my TERRIBLE TWOS!

Cardstock, ink, arrow & photo corner punches are Stampin' Up!

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